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Malcolm's complaint against Waitrose

Malcolm Pringle



Complaint against Waitrose

We had our Xmas celebrations at my son's home in Twyford with all food and wine purchased at the Waitrose store in Twyford.All 6 adults and 3 children were enjoying our Xmas dinner with some drinking red wine when we received an almighty surprise. A nasty looking dirty insect was poured out of the wine bottle which caused absolute revulsion. This put a complete halt to our dinner and later caused my wife to be violently sick as she and others had consumed some of the red wine. The rest of the dinner was a complete disaster. The manager at Waitrose was contacted and show the offending insect and the bottle from which it emerged and asked us to keep this situation very quiet as it would affect there business. After a couple of months wait in which Waitrose carried out an investigation they came back and apologized saying it was an unfortunate incident which should not have happened and gave us a £20 voucher for John Lewis.. Our Xmas dinner which was ruined probably cost in the region of £200 and the wine red and white about £50. A miserable offer of £20 is an absolute insult and we will never ever be near a Waitrose store again.

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