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Steph's complaint against Royal Mail

Steph sykes


[LAPSED] Blatant theft by RM from 2 letters, I'm blamed for not packaging correctly!

Complaint against Royal Mail

Sent 2 diff letters to 2 diff addresses. Both had badges inside. Wrapped individually in tissue paper then triple folded in paper. Both envelopes arrived slit, tissue paper also slit, but still stuck inside, but no badges! Royal Mail have accused me of not packaging correctly and this is why they arrived 'damaged'! Not damaged at all, they have been tampered with & contents, which probably felt like coins have been removed!

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Lapsed. Steph has not responded in 90 days

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Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

Thank you for contacting us Steph. I'm sorry to hear of the damage and losses from mail items which you report. The safety and security of all mail in our care is of course of paramount importance and when things go wrong we would always try to isolate the problem and use any information available to improve our service overall. I can't comment on your particular complaint at present but if you wish me to do so please let me know. Meantime, I hope you’ll accept our further apologies.
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