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judith's complaint against Royal Mail

judith haire


[RESOLVED] - my post's been delivered 2 years late

Complaint against Royal Mail

The Royal Mail have delivered my mail to another address! This has just been discovered and the postman handed me a pile of letters dating back to September 2013. This is disgraceful and could have had far reaching implications. It is indicative of carelessness from Royal Mail

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Royal Mail resolved this complaint

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Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

I'm really sorry to hear about this Judith. While we always do our very best to ensure the safety and integrity of your mail, sometimes things can go wrong. Even after a long time we will always try to deliver delayed items and I want to add my apologies for the undoubted inconvenience caused. If you need further help please contact my colleagues in Customer Service who will be happy to help. All of the contact details can be found on

judith haire | | VERIFIED

Well I am sure you are very sorry. But you are not the person who has been inconvenienced. So what further help can Customer Service give me? I'd like you please to send me the link to contact them as your website is a hopeless maze and I can never find where I want to be. I am not happy with a sorry aren't you going to send me any compensation for your careless service?

Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

Thanks for your further comment Judith. I'm sorry you haven't been able to find the contact details you need. With a view to ensuring that you can register your concerns I would like to invite you to email [email protected] where we will aim to help you.

judith haire | | VERIFIED

Thank you for this. I've already done this (got tired waiting for your reply) and the case is being resolved.
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