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Stuart's complaint against Royal Mail

Stuart Stewart


[RESPONDED] Special Delivery ensured my iPhone was bent in half

Complaint against Royal Mail

I used Royal Mails Special Delivery service to send my iPhone to Mazuma Mobile whom offered me £180 for the iPhone. I complied with the Special Delivery sending instruction and wrapped it in foam. Mazuma sent the iPhone back to me because it had been damaged in transit. Royal Mail managed to bend my iPhone in half and ruin the screen. I complained to them but they have refused to pay compensation on the grounds that my item wasn't sufficiently protected! The iPhone never stood a chance seeing as it has been bent in half.

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Stuart Stewart | | VERIFIED

Every time Royal Mail state that they have told me how to escalate the problem further, no one at the next stage of escalation listens, they just repeat what the last person has said. No one will listen to the points in my case!

Royal Mail Customer Services | | VERIFIED

Hello Stuart, I'm sorry you are unhappy with our handling of your claim for damage. I'm sure that if we have written to you, we'll have explained the reasons for any decision arrived at. We will also have indicated how you may escalate the matter if you wish and provided contact details. I hope you find this helpful and apologise for any inconvenience caused by the unfortunate circumstances.
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