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Nicki's complaint against River Island

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Dress return, would not give refund

Complaint against River Island

I went to return a dress to River Island in Hammersmith with indate receipt labels all attached in perfect unworn condition. I hd tried it on once at home to show my boyfriend who didn't like it. The dress was then kept carefully wrapped in the bag till I could return it. When I returned the dress the manger said there were stain on it. There are no stains on the garment at all but there was a very slight mark where it has been tried on which I had not noticed before. It is body con dress which means they are not the easiest garment to slip on. No doubt the very light mark was there when purchased. I had bought it from Hounslow and the dresses were a bit dusty and so I had asked for other one but they didn't have another one in my size. The manger would not give me a refund and suggested I take it bak toHounslow but I argued why should I. As I would not leave the store I was threatened with a security guard. She would to give me her name. I then rang customer services who promised an email within 48 hours. It is no erly 72 hours and I have called agin. They were polite but not sure what the process is and they couldn't tell me when I would hear. I am apoplectic with anger. Never ever been treated so badly as customer. I am a well respected 52 year old professional with strong commitment to respect and values. I bought the dress in good faith that I could return if unsuitable. I carefully looked after the dress until I returned it and have been wrong fully refused my up customer rights. Someone else needs to review the dress there are no stains on it and I aghast someone in a senior management customer service role could lie.

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