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River Island Hammersmith Store

Complaint against River Island

Last week I bought a pair of trousers in River Island Ealing branch for my husband. Unfortunately they did not fit him. I thought I had bought the right size. The red sale tag and the ticket wrote 34R, however the little label on the inside wrote 32R. I live and work in Hammersmith so today I went to exchange them. I thought I will exchange them for something else for myself. I showed the receipt today and explained the situation, showed the trousers as I bought them but the manager refused to exchange them. He said the tag was there by mistake and the barcode did not match. Really? Am I supposed to check the barcodes for everything I buy there just in case your staff has made a mistake on the size, colour or anything else? In the past two weeks I spent more than 300 pounds in River Island ( I have all the receipt). My receipt says in case I change my mind I can get a refund or exchange within one month, I did not change my mind nor I asked for refund (which I should have done) but instead I wanted to buy something that fits. The manager, a tall African male was very rude, unhelpful and refused to give me his name. He also called me darling which I found very offensive. Does your staff know that calling someone else's wife darling is offensive? Would he had called me darling if I was there with my husband? I asked him not to call me darling and asked for an apology. Not only he did not apologize but he also told me to calm down. I was very calm. All this happened in Hammersmith store on 23.07.16 at 16:27. So disappointed, this behaviour is unacceptable. What a shame, I liked to shop in River Island.

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