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Laura's complaint against Amazon

Laura Homer


Amazon account compromised

Complaint against Amazon

Somebody accessed my son's amazon account and changed the password so he was locked out. Amazon was not very helpful when we phoned about this issue saying that we needed to provide an email confirming the account was my son's. This of course, we could not do as it had been changed. At one point the Amazon representative asked us "well, what do want me to do?" Eventually my son located a suspicious email in his spam folder which confirmed that his email address had been changed to one in Russia. However, I am not certain this was a valid email from Amazon but maybe a sort of scam. He had not had to verify a change of email address.Only once this Russian email had been made known to Amazon would they do something about reinstating the account. If we had not provided the suspect email we would be no further forward in accessing the account, cancelling the payment options and checking that no-once had purchased anything in my son's name. I feel that there is not enough safety on Amazon's site about locking down an account that has been compromised. They did not seem to have any method to verify my son's ID other than the email on the account which had been changed, thus leaving us with no solution.

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