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Gary's complaint against Amazon

Gary Nortman


Amazon Account has been hacked and used for over £1000 of purchses

Complaint against Amazon

2 weeks ago we received a package from Amazon that we hadn't ordered. On checking our Amazon account we saw that it had been ordered on our account and cost £365. We called Amazon who did a quick investigation and agreed it had been hacked but they did nothing else except advise us to change password, which we did. A week late, another £1000 of goods have been brought, again not by us but now we have no access to the account, and amazon cant seem to access it either. They have been no help and offering no advice as to how we can get our money refunded - they just keep telling us to change our password. We cant speak to anyone and get told someone will call byt they never do. All we keep getting is an email telling us to change our password.

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