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Bernard's complaint against Amazon

Bernard Fisher


Amazon blocked a Kindle sent as my niece's Christmas present so it didn't work

Complaint against Amazon

I am an Amazon Prime customer which automatically has next day delivery. I ordered a Kindle for my Niece to arrive a couple of days before Christmas. When it didn't I looked at the account to see the delivery date as 29th of January, too late for Christmas. I called and they were very helpful and after some pushing cancelled the order and instituted a new one. The second order arrive next day in time for Christmas, hurray. But for some reason they had "blocked it" and didn't work. I knew none of this as my Niece was very polite and said thanks it's a lovely present. Today a second one arrived (no prompting from anyone) and it works. (Hurray again). Now I must return the one which is blocked. So this involves my niece who is agoraphobic summoning up the will to go somewhere and post it back to these guys when they have created a mess and there is no explanation for my niece and mo apology and they offered me compensation of extending my Amazon Prime subscription 30 days. They just don't get it. If I'd known that they could only deliver an on-functioning Kindle I could have gone to a store and bought one or a competitive product. My complaint is that they messed up a little bit of "magic" and they don't know how to say sorry in a way which would make it better for my niece. If they gifted her an electronic book or two via email wouldn't that be nice. I spent nearly £500 with them this Christmas. My redress is, I won't do it again

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