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primrose's complaint against Amazon

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Complaint against Amazon

On the 19th and 24th of May 2016 , 3 fraudulent transactions totaling £165.20 where made using my nationwide bank card on amazon. I reported these straight away to my bank who opened the dispute with amazon. Whilst investigation, i was given those funds back by my bank. I received a letter from my bank on the 21st of June which unfortunately i dint see until 17th of July regarding a decision of declining me a refund from the dispute and the funds where once again removed from my account. The reasons my bank gave for their decision was because of evidence from amazon that the orders where made by someone who had authorized use of my account and the delivery address was apparently used in my previous orders and no dispute had been opened. ( BEARING IN MIND I HAD CONTACTED MY BANK IN REGARDS TO A TOTAL OF THREE UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS FROM AMAZON, AND THIS EVIDENCE IN PARTICULAR WAS IN REGARDS TO THE FINAL TRANSACTION MADE). After the money was removed from my account, I contacted amazon knowing full well fraud had occurred and after speaking to them regarding these transactions, they sent me two emails stating that IT WAS UNAUTHORIZED PURCHASES ON AN UNRELATED AMAZON ACCOUNT*, and that i should report this matter to the police and my bank in order to get a refund. I spoke to my bank who gave me a very hard time as they said amazon had previously sent them evidence for them to come to the conclusion and they couldn't re open the disputes. I then contacted amazon who keep telling me they will contact me in 24 hours (its been a week) and their manager rudely/disgustingly said there's nothing they can do and the bank had to deal with it and he had the audacity to tell me it wasn't amazons fault and the team investigating would have had the correct information . *TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RESPONSES AMAZON HAS OFFERED TO ME AND NATIONWIDE IN REGARDS TO THIS MATTER. To action this I would like you to Re evaluate their investigations team as im being made to pay for mistakes that they did (my direct debits declined and my account went into charged overdraft) due to amazon sending nationwide bank FALSE INFORMATION regarding the evidence they provided in relation to the transactions. Im already feeling vulnerable due to my details been stolen and i do not appreciate being accused of making these purchases only because amazon is incapable of doing proper investigations . Im still calling nationwide and amazon as the issue hasn't been resolved. Someone has to be held accountable for this as its completely shocking to say the least. UPDATE and to further update on my previous complaint, i recently received an email from amazon investigations team (attached) saying after a routine review of orders, a new account had been opened and they used my card without any of the shipping addresses registered on my amazon account which contradicts the information amazon had previously given to my bank as evidence that the charges where authorized. I am wondering what exactly amazon are doing by sending nationwide incorrect information accusing me of purchasing these items and having the audacity to say unless the items are returned a refund wont be issued....then they decide to write me an email saying they have discovered the transactions are fraudulent and i should tell my bank.....THE MATTER HAS BEEN SETTLED BY MY BANK WHO RECEIVED EVIDENCE FROM AMAZON AND REFUSED MY DISPUTE BECAUSE OF THAT RIDICULOUS 'EVIDENCE'. and now iv had to waste so much time and money calling amazon and nationwide and submitting evidence . Unfortunately i did not get the name of the amazon supervisor who I spoke to last week and he was incredibly rude saying amazon had basically done nothing wrong. My bank is currently not issuing me a refund as they are currently re investigating and seen as though its mainly amazon's fault they can issue the refund as soon as possible then deal with my bank as their incompetence has cost me several missed direct debits and extra charges for going over the overdraft limit which amazon will have to pay for. AS OF NOW AMAZON HAS REFUNDED 1 OF THE 3 TRANSACTIONS AND ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THEM TO SORT THIS OUT

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