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Lorne's complaint against Amazon

Lorne Parkin


An Amazon gift card has an expiry date

Complaint against Amazon

I was given an Amazon Gift card with a value of £25 as a gift, I put it to one side and forgot about it, I rediscovered it and tried to use it only to find that gift cards have an expiry date and the £25 pounds was no longer available and had been claimed by Amazon. The cash that was used to purchase the card does not have an expiry date, so why should the gift card. I would imagine that all gift cards are bought for 3rd parties, so Terms and Conditions like this should not apply. To me it is like saying 'Give me some money for safe keeping, which I will put in a bank and get interest on, and if you do not ask for it back in a set time, then I will keep your money!' How can this not be considered theft! Thanks,

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