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Charles's complaint against Amazon

Charles Mcwilliam


This is on behalf of my fiancé (Charles Mcwilliam) did not receive item

Complaint against Amazon

My reasons on my complaint is due to the concerns regards to my fiancé (named up above) who payed for a Halloween mask (mageret thather mask) price of £16:99. Which it has been stated by Amazon that the item was sent at date of 21:10:2015 at time of 3:50pm. To which the item fully has not sent to the address that it was meant to be sent to (?). To which is not accetibale at all. And I will be contacting the trading standards consumers rights office regards to this major issue. Thank you.

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Charles Mcwilliam | | VERIFIED

May I please add with how urgent and important with reasons on why purchased this item... As my fiancé nephew is getting married on date of 31:10:2015 and the wedding reception party is based with all who attend to dress up. Also my fiancé had bought rest of items that was needed to pull of this dress outfit. (But now no mask to complete this!). And also payed for something did not recieve and out more money rest of what was needed for outfit. And may not be able attend this family wedding.

Charles Mcwilliam | | VERIFIED

I am APPAULED by your carriers who have stated that the mask was deliverd at my home address when it was fully not! And I will now contact trading standards consumers rights based on this severe matter of major concern and will not be using your company again you are not trusted to send out item to customer and that is an issue which trading standards should be aware of.

Charles Mcwilliam | | VERIFIED

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Charles Mcwilliam | | VERIFIED

Another message to you with regards to still waiting on a reply back with my urgent severe complaint that I have sent to you.... Which I am absolutely not at all very happy by This! There should be some kind of response to be giving back on regards to my complaint! (I am waiting to receive a reaponse back before I take this matter of severe concern to The Trading Standards Consumers Rights Office!) - however I will only give this a certain length of time. Thank you.

Charles Mcwilliam | | VERIFIED

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