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Janie's complaint against Amazon

Janie Galbraith


Useless, unhelpful, ignorant, condescending and down right rude staff and managers

Complaint against Amazon

I placed an order, the delivery address WAS correct at the time of ordering (I know it was correct as I checked it 5 times and got my partner to check!). I got the confirmation email and Amazon systems had switched the delivery address to the billing address. So I went to alter the delivery address and it wouldn't let me, so I had no choice but to cancel the order. This a £20 order by the way. I contacted my bank to get the money back so I can place the order again. They said I have to go to Amazon. So I called Amazon, I explained the situation, it was blatantly inferred that I was stupid, lieing and delusional, I was told several different things, half of which contradicted what they had previously said, so obviously I asked to be transferred to a manager. Shock horror I received the exact same treatment from the manager, so I asked to be put through to a different manager, he lied and said he couldn't do that, I said he could transfer me back to customer service and they could transfer me to a different manager at the very least, he lied again and said he couldn't do that, I explained I know for a fact he could as I have previously had it happen. He inferred that I was lying. I asked my partner how long ago was it when it had happened and he said 9-12 months ago. Suddenly after the manager had heard that over the phone he transferred me back to customer services and I was put through to a different manager. I explained to them2nd manager that I wanted to complain about the previous manager and the member of staff and why. He basically completely ignored my complaint and just completely not address it. So I terminated the 2 hour long call and decided to use the online chat after I had calmed down a bit. On the online chat I explained AGAIN that it wasn't a case of me not wanting the order, I do, I just need the money back in order to get the order redone, or the payment authorisation for the first order being put on a new one. He just sent me a canned response after 5 minutes of waiting for a response from the agent, telling me he couldn't do anything, I asked if there was any way I could speed things up so I could get this sorted as I had spoken to my bank and there is nothing they can do without them contacting the bank. I waited another 5-10 minutes for yet another canned response of I need to talk to my bank. I explained that I had already spoken to my bank as I had previously explained and could he please properly address what I was asking instead of taking upto 10 minutes to send canned responses that don't properly address my issue. I got the same canned response as before. This continued with an additional bonus of complete question dodging where I had to ask the same question upto 6 times before actually getting an answer. The agent eventually terminated the chat saying I was being uncooperative. Really?!? Me, the person RECEIVING canned responses that didn't address the questions, the one having to constantly ask the same thing over and over and over again (every question was asked a minimum of THREE times before it got addressed) before receiving a response. That's some twisted idea of uncooperative! Absolutely disgusting service! I am beyond shocked and disgusted and will be taking my custom elsewhere in future!

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