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Rayner's complaint against Apple

Rayner Garner


Apple is making record profits at the expense of owners of out-of-date Macs

Complaint against Apple

When I first purchased my Macbook Pro eight years ago, I was not told by the sales representitive that my superior machine would be made redundant in a few years' time. The lack of updates to my 2007 MacBook Pro (which cost £1500) means I can no longer browse 95% of websites or use apps which aid me contacting my family or let me use my machine productively. I am 84 and suffered from a stroke four years ago which has left me with a partially paralysed right hand. I require the Wizard dictation software to continue my work however it is not compatible with my machine which is more than capable of handling my daily tasks.

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Nicholas Windrum | | VERIFIED

I too have had appalling experiences with Apple constantly updating my iMac to make it increasingly obsolete & unusable. They actually told me that as it was six years old that is what I should expect because it was 'antique" & there would not be able to replace the particular operating system it used so that I would be able to read all the files going back twenty years or so. They did not even have that operating system (i.e they simply refused to sell it to anyone characters left [email protected]!!
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