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Emma's complaint against Apple

Emma Garnett


Bad reaction to Apple sport watch strap, returned the strap but they've failed to send a replacement

Complaint against Apple

Back in May/June, I got an Apple Sports watch. I suffered a bad reaction to the metal on the clasp of the watch. My skin became inflamed and itchy and red. I called them and they advised for me to send over photos and after various phone calls they would get a new different type of watch strap sent out to me and would want me to send them my strap back. They told me the new strap was on its way, it never arrived. In the end that customer service assistant stopped returning my calls and I called their helpline and another customer service assistant took over my case, he said the last one hadn't arranged for a new strap to come out but he would arrange for a new strap to be sent out. It never arrived despite me being told it would be there within the week. I chased him, he didn't come back to me so I called their helpline and got through to another adviser who so as I would need to send my strap back first and they would arrange for another strap to come out. Then the previous assistant called me to advise he would be taking the case back and stated that they would get the new strap sent out straight away. It never arrived! I chased it again and then he altered his position and said it never arrived because they needed my strap back first. I sent my strap back with their couriers as I was advised too. But they still didn't send me a replacement so therefore I had my Apple Watch face say in its box as I'd got no strap. I have chased it again and again. I even went into their Covent Garden store and spoke to a manager, he promised someone would come back to me. They didn't. I called their helpline again. Got a new customer service adviser, he promised he'd look into it. He left me a message to say they were trying to chase the watch strap I had returned down. I called him back with the tracking number (I'd checked it online with their couriers and know they got it by 12:00 the day after I sent it off). I called him and left a message to abide him of this. He never came back to me. I have left him another two voicemails asking him to call me and still no response. It has been five months. I have an Apple Watch with no strap as they've failed to send a replacement and I've spent hours initially complaining and chasing it up and have got nowhere. Theyre in breach of contract, I have a watch that is not fit for purpose because it doesn't have a strap and I am incredibly frustrated. I don't expect such poor service from Apple. I just want the replacement strap I was promised or a full refund on the whole watch. Please help.

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