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Krysta's complaint against Apple

Krysta Chapman


Faulty Product but Apple have failed to refund my money

Complaint against Apple

I ordered an iPhone 6s plus from Apple Online Store (£789) and waited 4weeks for it arrive. Upon receiving, I inserted my sim card in as expected, it didn't recognise the sim. After several nano sim cards try, I went to the Apple store who also attempted several sim cards and the phone was not recognising any. I was advised that the supposed brand new phone sent to me was faulty. It was Wednesday, I called Apple Online who arranged for a delivery person to pick up the phone from my work place on Friday, I was off sick so i rearranged for the phone to be pick up from my home address on Monday; all I needed was either a label sent to me via email to print or the courier brings a label. The links sent to me to print the label was incorrect. I called Apple Online and after several incorrect label sent to me, it meant that I still had my phone and they had refused for the phone to be exchanged in their retail stores. On Tuesday 10/11/15, I finally got a call from their Apple care team manager who gave me promises that he has arranged for a UPS courier to bring the label to me and if Im home, they will collect the phone in the label and then a refund will be issued. However, even if I wasn't at home, the courier will leave the label and all I had to do was put the phone inside the label and drop of to the nearest UPS office. I waited all day Wednesday 11/11/15 and there was no sign of a courier (UPS) neither was there a label delivered to my address. I called this managers extension as he gave me his word and said if any problem, please call. He also said that he will call to check with me today (11/11/15) to ensure that the courier had pick up the faulty phone they sent me. His extension was engaged for several hours (3pm-5pm). I then called Apple Online main customer services and I was told that the office dealing with my issue works 9am to 5pm and have closed but they have a note on my account to say that I should email them, therefore there was nothing they can do to help me. As a consumer, I have spent £789 on a product which was sent with fault, but 5days later, I haven't received my refund because the Apple courier (UPS) has failed to pick up the phone in order for Apple to issue my refund. This is Apple Online stores on procedure for issuing refunds or exchanges What I don't understand is, I have made myself available for this process, waited at home from Monday 9/11/15 to Wednesday 11/15/15 however, Apple Online Store has not held their side of the bargain by providing me with the option to send this faulty phone to them for my refund. I am now stuck with a faulty phone (£789) with no option to receive my refund from Apple Online Store. This is not acceptable!!! How can I get my money back and compensation for the three days of my time they have wasted and the stress they have caused me throughout the process. PLEASE HELP ME, IM DESPERATE!! This is unfair trading and illegal

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