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Paul's complaint against Apple

Paul Lewis


I've lost my recovery key & forgotten my recovery key as I had it on my iPhone but I'm a double ampu

Complaint against Apple

As inn disabled I lost my recovery key when the iPhone slipped down my hand & touched the edit key & as I'm on a lot of heavy medication including 480mg of morphine my short term memory is useless, so I'm locked out of anything Apple which is a major problem as I have an iMac MacBook Pro, iPad iPhone & an iPod, so I contacted Apple but they don't want to know, so I'm stuffed, i rang them up but they say there's nothing they can do, I only need the last 3 digits of my recovery key, so I asked for them, as they don't mean anything to anyone else, but they say they can't do anything, so I have over £4000 of Apple gear & can't sign in, unless I can remember the password, but you only get 1try & then you're locked out for 8 hours, absolutely unbelievable, don't buy anything from Apple, customer service doesn't exist, & when I did get to speak to a supervisor, he said that they can't do anything, it's obviously Apple policy not to help anyone, not even a disabled person who's lost an arm & a leg & takes so much heavy medication that my short term memory is shot, I'm absolutely disgusted at the way I've been treated & certainly wouldn't buy anything from Apple ever again, you pay top dollar & get 9th rate service, I feel like smashing them all up, but then I'm out £4000+, you'd think they'd have some leeway but there's none, so do yourself a favour & swerve the biggest company in the world, since 2012, all they're interested in is money, once you've bought something, you're on your own!!!!! Thanks for reading this & take heed

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Paul Lewis | | VERIFIED

I eventually found my recovery key after going through my flat with a fine tooth comb, Apple would not budge at all on their position & I was locked out for over 6 weeks, i own an iMac,MacBook pro, an iPhone iPad & an iPod, I feel like selling the lot, but you can't beat Apple, their customer service needs relooking at, I've spent thousands on apple products but the way I was delt with leaves a nasty taste in the mouth
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