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Nikola's complaint against Apple

Nikola Wojcikowska


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Complaint against Apple

I am writing this complaint because I have realised that every 13th of the month as of August I have been charged £9.50 for product support on my MacBook Air 13. Firstly I never agreed on anything to say I wish to pay this and secondly after looking it up I realised it does not actually cover anything. It feels to me like i have been robbed of my money for the last couple of months and whilst I should be asking for it back,all I want is for it to stop being taken out of my account immediately. I have had a lot of problems with your company due to this MacBook and I am not happy at all. I'm not sure what sort of details you need off me to stop this coming out so please let me know because I am not paying another penny. Nikola Wojcikowska

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