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Paul's complaint against Argos

Paul paterson



Complaint against Argos

I was waiting for a delivery from Argos who said my parcel would arrive between 8am and 1pm. A company working on their behalf who States turned up at Cavalary BarrCks Hounslow at 1108am who says they were not allowed access or to be able to drop it off at the main gate which is inaccurate because looking at CCTV never appeared to happen with any such company. Second complaint on the phone for over an hour to Argos no answer. So I decided to go to the Hounslow Argos and to see what was happening if 1 parcel dropped off there. 2 some simple answers I was passed round 3 members of staff and when I spoke to the last member of staff his colleague kindly interrupted our conversation regarding closing the shop up. At this moment in time I'm not aware of where my parcel is or how I will find out.

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