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Jamie's complaint against Argos

Jamie Huckle


Absolutely terrible company

Complaint against Argos

Ordered a new mattress from Argos three weeks ago, as well as paying an extra £20 for removal of the old mattress. It was clearly stated that the bag to put the old mattress in would be sent via first class delivery. Two weeks later it still hadn't arrived so I gave Argos a call. The woman on the phone said it was still early days and the bag should arrive on time, and if it doesn't, then the delivery driver carries spare bags anyway so it won't be an issue. Today is the day that the new mattress is delivered and the old one gets taken away and still no sign of the bag. The delivery driver also doesn't have any bags with him and is puzzled as to why I was told that they would be carrying spare bags as they never have done. I now have my old mattress in my living room, leaning against my sofa. I live in a small house so there is literally no where else that I can put it. I have small children that could be seriously injured if a 45KG mattress was to fall on them, so the living room is now out of bounds. Just called Argos and explained the situation to them, only to be told that they won't be able to collect the old mattress until 8th May at the earliest. So the only safe option now is for my children to stay in their bedroom for the next 9 days. If Argos doesn't have enough drivers, how difficult would it have been for them to outsource the job to to a removal company, as this is ultimately their error. Absolutely disgusted by the way Argos have just brushed this situation aside. I will be putting forward a complaint to the ombudsman and will NEVER shop with Argos again!

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