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David's complaint against Argos

David Ricketts


Argos home delivery

Complaint against Argos

Argos Home Delivery After a bad experience with Argos home deliver a few years ago, I sore that I would never use them again. Time however, mellows and I used them again for an Apple TV mainly because they appeared to be the only ones with stock. Regretably they use Yodel for home delivery. The estimate from the Argos website that delivery was expected by 6pm (checked through the order details). This meant putting aside a whole day to await delivery and so I then arranged what I had to do was arranged for after 6pm. I had a bad feeling about this and I was not disapponted. By 6pm - no delivery. In contact with the call centre I was told that the estimate was now between 5.30 and 19.30 by a female operative who seemed pleasant enough and said to give it a bit more time to allow for delays of traffic and the driver not being able to find the road (although an 11 hour time slot did seem ample for this contingency) I said that I had errands to do and would call back by 7 if no delivery which I did. On hearing the story again when I rang again at 7pm the operative (male) went into defensive mode - told me the delivery was by 9pm (contradicting information received by Argos themselves earlier in the day - would not put me through to a manager (apparently it is a manager who decides if they will condescend to speak to a customer with an issue - did not seem interested in reolving the issue or helping in any way at all but did say the item was loaded at 9.38 (some two hours after the earliest time I might expect delivery) - if delivery wasn't made I would have to put another 12 to 13 hours aside on the next day. This guy was not interested in customer service at all. It was a take it or leave it attitude Eventually the item did arrive about 7.30 pm (a time window of 12 hours waiting for delivery). By contrast Richer Sounds have given me a one hour time slot for delivery - much more interested in customer service. I will take heed of the attitude of the second call centre operative's attitude and leave it. In fact I will not not use Argos again for anything, either in store purchase or home delivery. They should learn a lesson from Richer Sounds and other sellers by giving a more defined time lot (even am or pm is infinitely better)

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