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Douglas 's complaint against Argos

Douglas Smith


Beware - NEVER use their delivery service!

Complaint against Argos

A score of minus ten stars would be more accurate. If they deliver your order to the wrong address you will never see your goods or your money again. They will be extremely rude, off-hand and utterly intractable and refuse to do a thing about it. They will also accuse you of dishonesty when you complain about it and say you did not receive your order. Even contacting the directors of Argos or Sainsbury's directly is utterly fruitless - leaving you the only recourse to take the matter to the small claims court. They bet on you not doing that so don't care in the least. They expect you to just drop the matter and give in to save yourself further expense and duress. They delivered my order to the wrong address and the occupants signed for it and accepted the delivery even though it was clearly not for them. The Argos helpline even told me they had delivered it to the wrong address, which they later flatly denied. Argos refuse to do anything about their mistake, they won't send it to me again at the right address this time or offer me a refund. If you buy anything from them ONLY collect it in store if you don't want this to happen to you too. This isn't an isolated event. If you want to get the true picture of Argos and their appalling attitude towards customers then filter these reviews by the one star ones - and look up complaints against Argos online, they are innumerable. If you do complain to them make sure that all communication is in written form by letter or email and not by phone - if not they will deny it. I have heard reports that Argos are in financial difficulty - that does not surprise me in the least. Ordering from a company with financial difficulties is an extremely risky business - if they fold before you receive your order you may never get your money back - that is a very worthy consideration if you buy from them. Deal with them entirely at your own risk.

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