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Claire's complaint against Argos

Claire Peddar


Customer services lies and misinformation

Complaint against Argos

When I first contacted customer services I was informed the order had not gone through, the payment was in pending and would be sent back to my account. When I contacted Natwest I was informed it would take 3-5 days for the funds to be available, but they gave me the transaction authorisation code to see if Argos could process it again or asked that Argos get their side to cancel the transaction. I spoke to Ben at customer services Argos who informed me neither of the options given by Natwest were possible and that Natwest could just cancel the transaction to refund the money. He said he would transfer me through to someone who could help and I ended up speaking to a lady in heavy goods department who couldn't help but said she would put me through to finance, where I got disconnected. I rang Natwest retail dispute line and they confirmed the 3-5 days to receive funds back, or asked if I could get an email from Argos confirming the order hadn't gone through. I could then forward this to Natwest and receive my funds back today. Once again I contacted Argos customer services and was put through to Teresa, she listened to the story, entered information into her system but then said this was being sent to the finance department as a callback and I would hear something within the next 48 hours. When I asked to speak to her manager I was informed the manager was in a meeting, and when I asked for a managers name I was informed she didn't think she could give that information out. When I confiirmed managers were in a meeting at 4pm on a Saturday and she couldn't give me a managers name to speak to someone who could maybe resolve this, she then said all managers were in a meeting, but her direct manager wasn't in today. All I needed was an email stating the order was not confirmed, now I have to wait 48 hours for your Finance department to ring me to maybe send this, or not and wait 5 days to get funds back in my account. Whilst waiting for either of these to occur I have no washing machine, no way of buying one from somewhere else. As a mother of 2 young children I find this service unacceptable, and would like an explanation why Argos can take money within seconds of placing an order, but takes up to 5 days to return the same money when an order doesn't go through. Please ensure this is responded to quickly, as I find this level of customer service abysmal. As a final note, Teresa at customer services said I should send complaints to [email protected] when I rang the complaints phone number I got back to customer services and was told to use [email protected] therefore I have used both.

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