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Amanda's complaint against Argos

Amanda staley



Complaint against Argos

On the 28th July we had a shed delivered which was ordered in my wives name (Laura McLean) I'm her carer as she is blind... 2 men turned up, 1 came down the path, he actually guided Laura's hand to the pad machine as she told him she was blind. He then asked her (he was heard by my father and myself) where she wanted the shed, to which she told him to put it round the back, he then asked if he could put it down on the porch a moment as there was only him (which was a lie) he then went up the path, leaving my wife stood on the step waiting for him to come back, instead of coming back, he jumped in the lorry, and drove off, leaving my wife still stood on the step waiting, and very confused as to what was happening!!! I then phoned Argos and spoke to a lady, who was very nice and tried to help as much as she could, but in the end couldn't help, so flagged this up with head office, and informed us that someone would be in touch with us by the following day. They have only just got back in touch with us, and informed us that they take our complaint very seriously (standard) but due to data protection we will not now or ever know the outcome of the investigation???? But as a small gesture of goodwill they will refund the delivery charge of £8.95??? What's that about? How is a small gesture going to help my wife? And as for data protection!! Where's my wives protection? She was left on a doorstep waiting in the rain, confused!!! She was so upset and distressed about the whole incident that much that she won't even answer the door now, but Argos don't seem to care about how this has affected Her whatsoever!! To do that to anyone is bad enough (not that they would do that to a sighted person) but to leave a vulnerable person standing there not knowing what is happening is disgusting and unforgivable!!! Never mind data protection, what happens to the customer being protected??? We both know this is going to brushed under the carpet, and in the meantime my wife is left with no confidence and feeling really vulnerable and humiliated by the whole incident

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