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Sarah 's complaint against Argos

Sarah Cocker


Disgraceful handling and accusation

Complaint against Argos

In January I reserved a washing machine in store. My husband purchased the machine, was given a receipt, and helped to the car by staff. A mistake made internally by the store meant that payment was not taken from the debit card. I was phoned by the store the next day and accused of 'stealing' a washing machine!!!! I explained I had a receipt and they asked my husband to check his bank to see if payment had been taken. I explained that my husband, being a HGV driver, was working away but I would ask him to look into it when he could. They continually called my mobile for the next 2 days still with accusations of 'theft' and saying that if I did not pay the member of staff would be sacked due to the mistake!! I asked them to stop hassling me - the only way they had my details was because I had reserved the item. The next week, the police called me about the 'stolen' goods. Once explained, they could not believe the store had taken this route. I said the way they had handled it was disgusting and said they could collect the machine and I would purchase an alternative one from a more reputable store. The police officer agreed that this was reasonable and said the store Manager would be in touch within 14 days and if not, the case would be closed. I did not hear anything else until yesterday when a solicitors letter appeared about the 'goods stolen'. I have spoken to an extremely rude, unprofessional, unsympathetic, aggressive woman who has told me that tough - the payment must be made and I should not have 'believed' the police officer as he has no duristriction!!!! She also patronised me and talked over me continuously. When I asked her to be sympathetic to the way this was handled and my annoyance with the word 'theft' - she told me that she could not apply any personal feelings - when actually this is exactly what is called for!!! When asked for a copy of my conversation with her - surprisingly calls are not recorded in the Directors Office! I have emailed requesting an alternative colleague to take over the case (I put in nicely saying a personality clash rather than the truth of her customer service skills being zero) and am still waiting for a reply. Absolutely APPALLING way of handling things. YES - I have the goods but after being accused of theft on several occasions, being given advice from the police that Argos say I should not have believed (!) and being bullied by this company - obviously I am extremely unhappy. The store have also lied (that I can prove). I would love a human with feelings, understanding and empathy to be able to handle a complaint and come to a resolution for both parties taking into consideration stress, trauma and the ridiculous allegations considering I have a proof of purchase and the error was made by a member of staff. I am prepared to pay for the machine if Argos compensate me for 'theft' allegations and the way this had been dealt with.

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