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Kayleigh's complaint against Argos

Kayleigh Pumford



Complaint against Argos

This is my email to Argos that I've sent 3 times and they haven't responded too!! Hi, I would like to make a formal complaint about your customer service. I purchased a electric fire online last Monday 14th December from you and it arrived on Tuesday. My partner fitted it to the wall Tuesday evening and 5 minutes with the heat on it set on fire. Right next to my two year old!!!! I phoned you straight away weds morning and someone said he has to pass it on to the relevant team and I will get a call back within the hour. 2 hours past and no phone call back, so I called back again and explained it all again. Someone said there was a case open for this matter but it's 24 hours until I get a phone call. I explained I already spoke to someone earlier and he said it would be a hour until someone calls me, he sounded amused and said no it's 24 hours. 36 hours past so I sent a long email through the website regarding the matter. Again I heard nothing back. I then sent the same email to Argos on Facebook and different people responded to me saying they've past it on to relevant department and I'll get a phone call in 2 days. Still NOTHING!!! Obviously at this stage I am so angry as this is a massive safety issue and we could of been seriously injured and no one is getting back to me. So yesterday (Monday 21st) I phoned AGAIN. Told someone what had happened and the issue and they cut me off as soon as I gave them my order number. Then phoned again and second person done the same! Then on the third time I phoned I spoke to a lady who went silent when I gave her my order number and I could hear the whole conversation of the colleague next to her speaking to someone on the phone about a home delivery. She was silent for 5 minutes so I thought she was looking into my order and then she put a announcement on the phone saying 'there's been a emergency so everyone's had to evacuate the building' please call later. which was absolute rubbish as I could still here her colleague next to her speaking on the phone!!!! At this stage I'm absolutely livid and shocked at this awful customer service so I phone back for the 4th time yesterday and ask to speak to a manager. I speak to a manager and she apologises about everything and says I should get a call back today (Tuesday) to arrange someone picking up the fire from me. Someone did call me today (a manager) and she was very helpful and the fire is getting picked up on Wednesday but the amount of stress I've had to go through to get it to this point is unbelievable!! The lady who I just spoke to (the helpful one) said they only just got the email about the order this morning. When the people I spoke to last Wednesday about it all said the case has been opened and so did the Argos people on Facebook, they said it's been past to the relevant department! Trading standards are now involved and are investigating it all. I have never received such poor customer service in all my life. Me or my family could of been seriously injured from this faulty fire and it's taken A WEEK for someone to call me back!!! I look forward to hearing your response on this matter. That's if anyone bothers to take this seriously because no one else from your team has. Kayleigh 6/1/16 Now when I spoke to a manager on the phone just before Christmas who I thought was very helpful and said she would send me a gift voucher for £50 and she arranged to get the fire picked up for me and also asked me to send another email to the complaints department stating everything that has happened which I done....she said I would receive this gift card in 2-3 working days. Well nothing came through so I phoned back last Wednesday (30th December) to ask why I hadn't received anything and was told by a lady that on the system lots of good will vouchers and gift vouchers had been sent out to me and was going through all of what was on her screen that had been sent to me....I explained I haven't received anything and she said it can take up to 2 weeks to receive in the post because of such a busy period etc, so I don't know why the manager said 2-3 days. Anyway she said if I haven't received anything this week (it's now weds 6th January then to phone back again) all I have been doing is phoning you people!!!!! So I phoned back today and spoke to someone called Garry who I again explained everything to (for the millionth time) and he said NOTHING AT ALL is on the system about ANYONE sending good will vouchers to me and apparently there's a box that should be ticked on the system to show vouchers have been sent and there's absolutely NOTHING on there. At this stage as u can imagine I am nearly in tears and so angry it's unreal! All I've had is people hang up on me and tell me lies throughout this whole thing. He said its in the has not departments hands (someone called Lisa) and I should get a call back today (which I'm not getting my hopes up for) as the whole customer service has been discrasful!!!! He said I haven't even been issued a refund back onto my Argos card for this faulty fire yet! I wonder what you would all do if my two year old who was next to the fire when it set alight was seriously injured by this? To be honest I still don't think u would do anything at all. Even with trading standards involved you still do nothing and still lie to me! IM APPALLED!!!!!!

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