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charley's complaint against Argos

charley cannon


Fast Track Turned into slow Track.

Complaint against Argos

I had a order on the argos fast track system. which never was. ON Monday I went to collect my order. The young Lady told me that all my things were not on my order number, the things that were on it they gave me. Then I got a message from argos while I was still in the shop to say my other bits were in. When she tried looking for these and never found them, She then phoned customer services to find out what was going on, She handed the phone to me while she had another look. All this time I was holding the phone and waiting for customer services to reply. After about 45-60 minutes the phone went dead on me. I was in argos for well over an hour for a order which should off took 60 seconds. I do believe that on this account they never gave me the service they should of done. I can't see how they can advertise something that is not true. It does not give any number of items this 60 second fast track is for.

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Argos failed to resolve this complaint

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charley cannon | | VERIFIED

I do think this complaint is taking its time to answer. Need to think that argos should respond quicker to customer complaints.

charley cannon | | VERIFIED

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