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matilda's complaint against Argos

matilda smith


[RESOLVED] - non delivery of order been waiting for refund since 21st nov order 1081933649

Complaint against Argos

2 delivery slots on 21st nov failed ti turn up 7am till 10 am then i wet to local store they phoned given 1900 pm till 22 fastrack not showed up again i have been phoning constant about this to date spent on phone holding on this order has caused me so much stess can you help e mails calls not answer i am 68 years old they said on 23rd when i went to store could have it if a could carry it from store but out stock for delivery had no option to cancel for refund that eas 23rd the call centre sent a 10 pound voucher for my phone got that last week this all not my fault it in breach of contract non delivery of goods i f i dont get this sorted i have been unwel with worry dont know what to do next to get my money back this is now 3rd december and need this 89 pound

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Argos resolved this complaint

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matilda smith | | VERIFIED

my bank paid me a chargeback for the amount while they investagate

matilda smith | | VERIFIED

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matilda smith | | VERIFIED

bank have refunded money back to my account while they investagate
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