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Christopher's complaint against Argos

Christopher Bowart


Waited over 2 months for a delivery and still nothing

Complaint against Argos

I ordered a dining table and chairs on 26th July (website stated it was in stock). Booked a delivery date of 8th September as it was the first available date, I wasn't that bothered about waiting just over a month as I was decorating the dining room. Then a week before the delivery date I get a call saying its out of stock and I could have it delivered on the 26th September. I wasn't overly happy about that but it was only another 2 weeks and you offered a refund of the delivery charge. I then get a call yesterday (22nd September) to say it's not in stock and you don't know when it will be so you can't even book a new delivery date. Is this a way to treat a customer? You take full payment then not deliver the goods for at least 2 months and counting. I understand that if you haven't got it from the suppliers you can't deliver it but why say it was in stock in the first place and then still book another delivery date? How long do you expect people to wait for an item to be delivered? I wasn't even given the option to choose a different one. I know I can cancel the order but I'm going to look elsewhere first then cancel it when I find one that I can have delivered in a reasonable time. This service is not acceptable for any business let alone a one as big as Argos. Update: What a surprise. I've just had a call from Argos and the delivery I had booked for this Friday (2nd October) has now been cancelled for the third time. I now have to wait till the 30th October. I keep getting the same excuse, it's down to the supplier not delivering to you as expected. Well it's really trying my patience. I don't like getting annoyed with the staff on the phone as its not their fault that this is happening. It now feels like it's Argos's policy to get payment and just keep delaying delivery so the customer cancels the order while all that time you've got my money gaining interest in your account as you won't pay the supplier till it's delivered. There's been no mention of of any good will from Argos for all of the delays and to be honest I'm not holding my breath for it to be delivered on the 30th either.

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Lynda Rodgers | | VERIFIED

Hi I'm in the same boat as you they cancelled twice now saying they deliver on 14th Oct what the bet they cancel n if they do I want a full refund it's disgusting mine is also a dining table
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