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Lucia's complaint against Argos

Lucia Bonora


Worse customer service ever!

Complaint against Argos

i have recently made a purchase at argos store in Camden (London), a pillow and 2 sideboard to be delivered to my home address- for some reasons they couldn't be delivered together (WHY?) so the first delivery, the pillow , never arrived. That scheduled evening i waited 3 hours at home for it and then i called customer service and they couldn't even find the order number that was on my receipt! the advisor was able ot see my receipt but he said somehow there was a "missing order on the system" ( Argos see if you can find this order number : 1282546692.. good luck)and couldn't find the pillow! he advised me to call back the following day to re-arrange a second delivery as it was already 10pm and their offices are closed at that time. as advised i called on Sunday morning and spent 20 minutes on the phone- i have asked the advisor if i could collect the item from the store instead of re-delivering as i was on holiday and i had things planned everyday- the advisor said yes but as it was a "Missing order on the System" he had to create a booking order (?) to be collected in store (like you do when you order on line) and he said to ask the person serving me to call for the "Resolution Centre" to obtain an authorisation to cover the costs of the pillow  (?) as i had already paid the £13.99 and i shouldn't have been charged again... OK... i thought it was sorted... the following day i receive a text message regarding teh booking collection, i then go to Argos store in Camden (London) and i repeat what the advisor told me to say. The advisor call teh "resolution Centre" for authorisation and, after 20 minutes, she come back and tells me it was not authorised because Argos had re-arranged for a re-delivery the same night ! i was unaware of this as it was not my choice and nobody ever mentioned the redelivery to me! i was so upset i decided to ask for a refund in Store which was denied because the delivery was already re-arranged and i had to wait after the re-delivery to decline the item and call again costumer service for a refund! so, the following day i receive an email from Argos and i am requested to call custome service which i did! i spent 45 minutes on teh phone and i was eventually able to speak with a manager that said she couldn't do the refund online as they didn't have my card details in it so i had to get it done in store! i probe the manager to provide me with a reference number for this conversation as i was frustrated of repeating the same story over and over again, millions of times with thousand of differetn people whome had no clue of what i was experiencing! the manager gave me a reference number and PROMISED ME that if i had presented this ref number in store thye wouldn't have asked any questions and they would have provided me with a refund! NOT REALLY!  i went in store after one week as i was abroad before, i provide the reference number to a sales assistante and she was on teh phone for like 15 minutes after which she come back and said they were trying to sort it and that i might have needed to call back the customer service again for a refund! WHAT??? the store is telling me call customer service... then customer service tells me to go in store and over again! after 4-5 phone calls for a total of time spent of 120 minutes, and 2 visits in store i finally received my refund of £13.99! do you think this is good customer service? this is not the end! i did purchase 2 sideboards together with the pillow and choose a home delivery for tomorrow between 7-11am – ( again missing order on receipt: 221504848 which nobody couldn’t find.. a little angel then told me it was changed into 221524788… mistery)today i receive a text message from Argos telling me the delivery will be between 10-12! again! dejavu! NO! i am losing hours at work and have booked GP appointment at 11:30 on purpose not ot loose many more hours of work for my visit and i cannot wait until 12. i have just called Customer service and after 10 minutes on hold a guy tells me he is going to call me back as soon as it gets hold of the driver... it has passed one hour already and i haven't received a call back from Argos.... do your conclusion... worse customer service ever... much too long waiting times and they do not keep records of enquiries/issues/complaints. will not use ever again!!!

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