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Dennis's complaint against Land of Beds

Dennis Oldfield


Sold a mattress as being all natural filling when it arrived contained large amount of polyester

Complaint against Land of Beds

I believe I have been wronged by Land of Beds as they sold me a Hypnos mattress the Larkspur as a totally naturally filled mattress with cotton, silk, wool and cashmere. The sales person Holly assured me it was totally natural. Upon arrival the mattress was immediately hot to sleep in. After contacting Hypnos and Land of beds it eventually emerged that the mattress contained a lot of polyester. This polyester which is then blended with pieces of cotton and strands of cotton is supposed to be the cooler side of the mattress. After much discussion Hypnos agreed to exchange the mattress for any that I would like to choose but, again after much protracted and dilatory exchange of emails with Land of Beds they could not provide me with what was exactly in any of the Hypnos mattresses, only to say that all Hypnos mattresses now contain polyester. As I cannot sleep-in a polyester made bed, I have asked for my money to be refunded as the product was sold to me wrongly, it was not wholly made of natural materials but contained a large proportion of Polyester. Land of Beds has refused this request and now says they cannot help me further.

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