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Chris's complaint against The Chesterfield Company

Chris Milburn


The Chesterfied Company got my money, but they sent me the wrong thing - and they don't care

Complaint against The Chesterfield Company

I ordered and paid for replacement cushion covers for my leather sofa last August, based on my original sofa purchase from them. After some delay and chasing up I finally received them in January - but they didn't fit! The company are trying to blame us for ordering for a 3 seater, not 3.5, even though they had originally told us they 'd found our original sofa order.The customer services department has been really rude, I think they even cut me off whenI rang. I wrote to the 4 company directors a month ago and they haven't even bothered to reply. They still have my money, but I don't have my covers - I don't intend to pay again.

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The Chesterfield Company failed to resolve this complaint

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Ryan Mohieddin | | VERIFIED

As advised via email we have acknowledged, made and supplied 3str cushion cases for you in line with your request and matching the paperwork we sent you before dispatching the cushions. As there is no manufacturing fault we are unable to offer you free of charge cushions in a different size. Our order system has been upgraded numerous times in the last 6 years and we can't access the details of your original order but the parts were produced at your request based on the information you supplied.

Chris Milburn | | VERIFIED

Before placing our order your representative emailed us "I believe I've found your order dating back to Feb 08"- she even told us the colour of the leather we'd originally ordered. We went forward on the basis that you knew the model and size of our sofa, we called it the 3 seater as we'd also bought a 2 seater sofa from you in 2008. I can't afford to pay you again, and I really feel that you are being unreasonable.

Ryan Mohieddin | | VERIFIED

We have been through this in detail via email however to re-iterate what you've said you advised you had a 3str and thats what we acknowledged invoiced and produced (we do ask customers to check the paperwork on order and notify us with 72hrs of any errors). While our card payment system records your 2008 transaction our accounting system with full order details does not go back this far due to the system being updated and therefore anything we produced was based on the information you provided.

Chris Milburn | | VERIFIED

When we placed our order in August 2014 your rep was able to tell us the name of the leather colour our sofas were made in, I find it hard to believe she could see this but not the model number. We placed our order in good faith, but you are clearly determined not to accept any responsibility for the mistake. What a pity. Your response to this problem has been consistently unhelpful, and I would certainly not recommend anyone to use your company in the future. What a pity. I

Ryan Mohieddin | | VERIFIED

We are sorry you remain unhappy but we have explained in detail on email that we can see your leather sample colour request and the card transaction, not an invoice generated 8 years ago. We do ask customers to check their own paperwork and notify us of any errors or omissions within 72 hours of receiving the acknowledgement. If no such notification is made production will begin in good faith.

Chris Milburn | | VERIFIED

I'm not happy with this response but it's clear that the Chesterfield Company are not prepared to reconsider their position. There's nothing I can do as they are in possession of my money, as they have been for several months.
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