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Eliza's complaint against B&Q

Eliza Ioana


B&Q's customer service and processes are awful

Complaint against B\u0026Q

I placed an order for some sliding wardrobe doors mid October 2016 and upoun receiving that order, I decided I wanted to exchange one of the doors with a different model. It's been almost 2 months and I still haven't received the new door. Though I was promised I would receive a call back on numerous occasions, that never happened. I was quite diligent and called them myself - I probably spent around 10 hours on the phone with them up till now. At no point did I receive a clear explanation on what the issue with my exchange was. They did, however, make sure to pick up the door I wanted to exchange promptly. That left me with my money spent and no door for about 1.5 months. I ended up cancelling my original exchange request and placing a new order for the door I wanted to receive, at which point I also requested to be compensated for having to wait for so long for a product, as well as for the fact that B&Q felt it was in any way acceptable to keep both my money and my product for so long, not to mention for the ungodly amount of time I wasted trying to call them and sort out the issue. I was passed around like a hot potato from person to person, in total 5 people. They all told me they were either not in a position to offer me anything, but that the person they'd put me through to would, or that the most they can do is offer me a £25 voucher as a good will gesture. To put this into context, this voucher was about 10% of the original value of my order. All in all, I have to say I was appalled by B&Q's services and processes and their level of customer care. I will definitely go out of my way to not have to deal with them again.

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Eliza Ioana | | VERIFIED

They gave me a £25 voucher for a £250+ order they messed up, after I waited patiently for 2 months.
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