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Mark's complaint against e-Learning

Mark Hobden


Issue over the proposed sale of ipads

Complaint against e-Learning

My daughter is due to leave the primary school tomorrow and for the past four years has had an iPad 2 16gb thorough the school and the e-learning foundation. Parents were asked to pay £230 towards the programme so the children could take and use them at home, on the understanding that they'd be made available to parents to purchase for a nominal fee as the school would have no use for them and cannot sell them on for a profit. And email was sent last Friday asking they are all returned on Monday, and when questioned about the purchase for a nominal fee, a further email sent on Monday that they'd be made available for sale at £200 each, the amount they've been allegedly offered per unit!! Over previous years parents have been asked to pay a mere £20, bearing in mind they've already paid £230 towards the project! Are we in our rights to offer the school £20 and retain the iPad? Emails have been sent to the acting head and school governor but no replies have been received! All original emails re this have been retained!

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