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Mike's complaint against B&M

Mike Hodgson


Management Ortongate Peterborough Bullies

Complaint against B\u0026M

Work here or come to shop as a customer, managers will create scenarios, my contract was customer service assistant, I was offered to work in warehouse August last year, area manager, would know this when he worked with previous manager. Replacement manager came in and moved me from warehouse, and started getting rid of people by bullying them. They had minions who accuse me, created statements enough to get rid of me, sacking me over an allegation which didn't happen. The chairman who done my appeal hearing, wrote words down, couldn't uphold the points by creating fictional lies to defend themselves. They do nothing to find the root cause for bullying and victimisation in the work place, and they are breaking the laws within human rights act. - This confirms that investigations were not taken, and in has been a set up, preplanned.

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