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Luke's complaint against Adidas

Luke Abbotts


Adidas boxing gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Complaint against Adidas

I brought a pair of Adidas boxing gloves from cimac in Birmingham and I am not pleased with the quality of them, I regularly buy Adidas material and I am happy to pay a little extra for quality and a top brand. However, this was not the case with this purchase as the left boxing glove is ripped on the inside which is now leading to the padding falling out and my hands are not getting the protection I want them to have. It's not often I make complaints but the gloves have not been used too much and I thought about trying to fix them myself but I wouldn't be able to as the rip is too far down into the glove. When I showed the gloves to the owners of my boxing club they said the gloves look brand new and shouldn't of ripped for the age or wear of them. They suggested I buy MAR gloves instead as they tend to last longer but I would rather stick with Adidas as I have done for years but I can't afford to spend £70ish on a pair of gloves that don't last through a few sessions of training. I would appreciate it if I could have the gloves replaced, I can send pictures of the gloves to prove the quality of them or I'm happy to send them out to have a look at yourselves and I'm sure you would agree they look practically new. I look forward to receiving a reply from you and hope this issue can be resolved. Regards Luke Abbotts

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