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David's complaint against eBay

David nuttall


Bought something not as described

Complaint against eBay

I bought a iPhone 6 that was discorded as smashed screen the phone did not arrive so opened a case and surprise surprise they then sent the phone over a week later when it arrived it dint turn on so had new screen fitted for Firther £80 then to my surprise the phone was iCloud looked so after contacting the seller they kept saying try this password and that password wot never worked also the phone had bad scuffed all on the back and dint in top so opens another dispute with eBay who looked in to it and said cos I had messed with the phone the shop had was nothing they could do other than for me to try sort it with the seller upon contacting them they was happy to refund until the hot email off eBay to say they don't have too and when I contacted eBay they said go police or take it to small claims court gust a complete joke really money back guarantee my backside so stuck wi phone got £230 and £80 to fix screen and a phone that is iCloud looked so nothing I can do

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