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Matthew's complaint against eBay

Matthew Lofts


Ebay case lost - out of pocket £300 when item was only £181

Complaint against eBay

Hi, i just had a case (5084279141) decided against me for no fault of my own. Sold 4 computer hard drives all working when sold, but one went faulty. Was contacted by the buyer 10 days after the drives had been delivered. Buyer requested a partial refund. I issued a refund of £50 via Paypal on the 30th as per the buy request, this fulfilled what I was asked to do by the buyer. The case was put on hold for 3 days on Saturday by ebay for me to issue the part refund which I did Yesterday however (31st) I have had the case go against me and eBay have sent for the full amount £181 to the buyer. This means the buyer has received £181 plus the £50 I sent him yesterday and still has 3 of the 4 drives as the buyer has only returned one drive (faulty drive) to me. Just to be clear - as things stand, the buyer has £181, plus the £50 I sent through PayPal and still has the item. How is this fair? I feel this is fraud, I will seek to recover my costs through the courts. Please help me Matthew

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