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Clare's complaint against eBay

Clare Spicknell


Ebay favoured buyer who returned worn goods and made me refund their money

Complaint against eBay

I sold a pair of ugg boots that were in almost new condition. Two weeks later the buyer requested a return saying that they were too big for them and I had described the size incorrectly - I hadn't. So I replied to that effect. They then opened a case against me, which was resolved in their favour minutes later. I decided, fair enough. I phoned ebay for advice, and was told not to worry. Theyd checked my listing and it was clear that i had been clear with my description, however, i would still receive them back but wouldnt need to pay the return postage. When I recieved the boots back they had been worn and were creased, covered in mud and even had chewing gum stuck to the bottom! I phoned ebay again who told me they would close the case and I could then contest it. They then closed the case and the money was automatically refunded out of my PayPal account! When I called them back they said I could not appeal as the case was closed and found in favour of the buyer! Oh and they charged me the return postage costs! I have been an eBay customer for about 15 years and have never had a problem like this before. I only sell a few things, I am not a business seller, so cannot afford to 'take the hit'. I paid to list these boots, paid to send them and for return postage so I am over £80 put of pocket and left with a pair of boots that I can't sell! I feel angry and helpless as ebay make it impossible for sellers to do anything in such situations and, it appears to me are actively supporting scammers!

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