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Rick's complaint against eBay

Rick Davis


Ebay refuse to honor guarantee when an item purchased through their site isn't delivered.

Complaint against eBay

I purchased a tablet from a company using ebay. I paid the company for the tablet. The company said they dispatched the tablet and that it was being delivered by Royal Mail (Parcel Force). Royal Mail claim the tablet has been delivered and that they have it 'tracked' as being delivered. However we have not received it. Ebay offer a buyer satisfaction guarantee. But in this case they say because the Seller says they have supplied it and that Royal Mail claim they have delivered it then it's nothing to do with them as they are 'a third party'. I can't get any proof from Royal Mail that the tablet was delivered as they will only provide it at the senders request. The sender won't ask for the proof as they have the money so aren't bothered. Email won't honour their guarantee because their 'appeals procedure has found in favour of the sender'. Sp Ebay now has a policy that puts the onus on the recipient to prove they haven't received the goods they purchased - even though the recipient has now access to that proof because of Royal Mail's policy. The whole thing stinks. I've paid for a tablet I have never received. This trader can continue to sell goods that for all we know they never send. Royal Mail may have dishonest staff who are pilfering items but aren't interested enough to investigate. And all this at Christmas when the volumes of consumers using both Ebay and Royal Mail will be huge - and none of them have any real protection.

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