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peter's complaint against eBay



ebay robs money and no item

Complaint against eBay

Had a problem with a buyer, please take time and read the summary letter sent to customer via ebay. Dear Sir Having sold between 25-30 thousands of items online and establish myself over the last 14 years, we have managed to get a very good sense of differentiating between regular customers through to those that genuinely having problems all the way through to those that purchase goods with somehow questionable intentions. When you purchased our item on Thursday 6th of August it was as advertised as 2-3 working day delivery. You have emailed on Saturday the 8th criticizing our service and that you were going to leave us negative feedback, the item was delivered on Monday the 10th! Which was within the advertised time. You have then emailed with a picture of a loose bolt and a CUT fuel hose! Clearly looking us to offer some sort of refund. Not only was the unit tested for 30 min at full power, all of our items are, but I personally packed the item after draining the fuel, as we are not allowed to send petrol fluid through couriers. You have confirmed that packaging was not damaged in any way, so how did the damage occur? Predictably another problem has now appeared, the bolts are loose and there is noise coming from a generator after 5hrs of use. This unit, as advert states, is not for commercial use and although they are though and we use one for back up in our workshop we have yet to see one fail, especially after 5hrs. You were then asked to provide necessary documentation ( photo of generator in situ) to substantiate your claim, as there are too many things that point towards you taking advantage not only from our good will but also trying to bend the law of remote selling regulation to your advantage. Today 25th of August we received email form you telling us the unit is not Honda and you informing us of evidence being available to court only! Item was bought from honda dealer! That just shows that not only you are not willing to cooperate to solve the issue, but after using the unit for whatever it was, now you want to return it back. If you were unsure of quality or you had doubts, why did you use the unit? Why not return it straight after opening the box? We are not in guessing business but whatever the true reason behind purchasing this unit by you, was, it is becoming more and more obvious that you intentions were not honest. If you would like us to have a look to assess the alleged damage, this can be arranged, if found to be damaged due to misuse, a fee for the service will be due. If you would like to communicate via solicitors, send all correspondence in writing to our business address...... Worth to mention, we have good feedback, only couple of problems where item was late over christmas and it happened to be negative trigger happy buyer. We have not received £400 generator back, BUT ebay already refunded the guy, even after speaking to them 3 days ago and them advising me that they will not be doing anything until we get the unit back!!! There is one like that at least every week, we sell, we pay, they wreck, we pay, they are wrong, we pay, we are right and honest, we pay. There is a common denominator, clearly as a company taking a cut of earnings, ebay have moral and legal obligations to us, the sellers as well. I cannot believe that iam only one, but i do believe in doing something with regards to the service we are getting!!! EBAY ARE ROBBERS NOTHING OTHER THAN COMMON THIEVES!

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k.john | | VERIFIED

i know exactly what you mean,i sent e.bay all info about a man and wife team,using 2 accounts,one only buying,the other only selling,the goods his buying,he buys and left over sixty red feedback out of 100 transactions!! saying item faulty,or item not arrived,as a buyer you cant leave neg feedback.his wife only sells but does it right,so doesnt get neg.i found out by accident they both live at same address!! sent all info to ebay,they did nothingstarted twitter campaign.in uk and ebay usa.SORTED

peter | | VERIFIED

do tell more, twitter campaign?
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