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Complaint against eBay

Recently, in December 2018 Christmas holidays, I needed to buy a phone for myself from eBay and I found this seller who was selling an iPhone 8 Plus for £275 I made an offer with him for £230 and he said if you bank transfer th money to me I will post it tomorrow. He also gave me his friends account number and sort code as he said that his card is still arriving in the post. So I sent him the £230 and he resssured me many times he will send it the next day and I will receive it in time for Christmas. The parcel was sent supposed to arrive in 2 days which he kept on telling with via eBay messages, however I waited so many days which turned into weeks which turned into months. I kept on messaging him angrily saying I still haven’t received my phone and have already paid him £230 and he kept on saying “I sent it”. I also asked for a tracking number and he said he couldn’t provide me with any even though he went to the post office and sent my phone through there as he mentioned this himself. He rang the post office up from where he lives and he told me they said that my parcel is in transit for delivery, he told me this at the end of December and now it’s February. So, in January I told him to refund my £230 as I haven’t received the parcel and he has no idea where it is and he said just wait I’ll speak to Royal Mail. And after I messaged him again to refund me and he never replied for sooo many weeks. So then I contacted EBay and told them my situation and they said they they can’t refund me but they will send him a warning letter. And I got so stressed as I am a student and I saved that money up for months. So then I called my local bank and told them my situation and they asked for the sellers sort and account number from where I sent the money through and I gave it and they said to me that I might get refunded. The next few days later I got two letters saying that I cannot get refunded. And then I got recommended this place so I really hope you can help me with my situation and refund my £230 please, I’m only a student.

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