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Dumitru's complaint against eBay

Dumitru Ilie


Misscharge and false promises from customer support representatives

Complaint against eBay

I will like to file a written complaint for my experience with Ebay services as a seller. In the month of June 2015 I have put on sale one Apple watch 42mm Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet, item number: 321797226019. The item was bought three times in a row by scam people so I have canceled the transaction every single time. I would like to mention that the item was returned on 09.07.2015 in an Apple store . I can provide the return receipt if needed. On 30st of June in the invoice: 063015-8490381330013 I was invoiced for 176.14$ without actually selling any item. My ebay account is in GBP, but I was invoiced in US dollars. I have called the customer services to inform that I haven’t sold the item and I was promised I will not be charged. On 8th of July 2015 the invoice was deducted from my credit card in value of £118.18. I have called the customer services number: 08003586551 more than 10 times to ask for a refund. They don’t even bother to keep a track of the customers complaints.. I have received the refund eventually after more than 2 weeks but less money than the ones deducted. I have received only £109.17. I can provide credit card statements proving it. I have called to make a complaint about this and I haven’t received any answer, I believe the customer service representative didn’t even register the complaint. On 6th of December I have sent a complaint letter. I have waited around three weeks and I didn’t get any respons. I have send a e-mail complaint as well on 28 of December. After two weeks I have got the following e-mail: “”Dumitru I have had a look at the selling fees invoice on your account and I can see you have changed your billing currency from the original in US Dollars now to GB Pounds so your invoices will be in GB Pounds in future. As US Dollars was the original currency for your old invoices the final value fee you were charged when your item ended with a winning buyer was charged in US Dollars. The fee you were charged was $176.14 and this is the amount in US Dollars that was charged for your June invoice to your credit card. Once you had completed the cancel transaction case for the item number: 321794941540 the credit of $176.14 was added to your invoice and then refunded in US Dollars to the Credit Card.” I would like to mention that my account was updated to GBP currency with a couple of months before the invoice. And secondly , that was a mischarge from the beginning so I was expecting to receive all my money back(that were taken from my account) After I got the e-mail I have called the customer service again and manage to speak to a manager, Mark Summers. After he analyzed the complaint he told me that he can give me £30 (by waving £30 from my account). He told me that he can wave only the outstanding balance. Because I had only £10 outstanding in my account I ask him if it is possible to receive the 30 pounds credit at the end of January after I make more sales. He agreed and promise me to give me a call at the end of the month and allocate me the credit. I have waited until 30st of January and no one called. I have send an e-mail regarding my refund and I have called the customer service as well. When I asked them to speak with Mark Summers, the manager who dealt with my complaint they didn’t find any record about my case and about the agreed compensation.?! I am really pissed off about ebay, I have waisted more than 10 hours on the phone plus a couple of hours writing e-mails. And the worst think, when I have tried to complain to ombudsmen services they told me that they don’t deal with ebay?!? I would like to mentions that I have the proofs to open a case

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