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Eda's complaint against eBay

Eda Demirel


Unknowledageable, only outsourced customer service available which makes unlawful decisions

Complaint against eBay

I advertised my Louis Vuitton handbag which is in superb condition as it had been rarely used, on Ebay for sale. The bag is, needless to say, a 100% authentic item I bought from one of the original LV stores in Paris. The handbag was bought by a buyer for the minimum starting price of £400.00. Upon confirmation that the funds were wired to my PayPal account, I immediately shipped the bag using 1st class Royal Mail “signed for”- delivery. I not only paid more than Ebay’s maximum provided shipping costs (£11.00) but also bought a box (£3.95) to send it with. Apart from my time I wasted on this transaction, I also paid out of my pocket to comply with my seller’s obligations. A day later I received a return request from the buyer claiming in an uncertain way that the bag is not authentic. I would like to repeat that this claim is unfounded. I responded and asked on which basis this claim is made (leather, stitching, inside lining of bag – there are many ways to actually distinguish a real from a fake…) and suggested he gets it certified by ANY LV store. The response I received was very unsatisfactorily as he could not further elaborate (it is a real one and the buyer is aware of that – this is my accusation!) and told me that there are no LV stores in Brighton. This is not my responsibility and such unfounded claim made me actually very upset. So upset that I decided to contact Ebay customer service and report this buyer. What unfolded afterwards with Ebay customer service was the most frustrating and unprofessionally handled experience! The person handling my report decided in favour of the buyer without confirming whether or not his accusations are true, sent a return label for the item to be returned (just arrived the last day of the 10 day return period – I wonder why such late return, usage of the bag in the meantime? – while I was charged with transaction fees and was stuck with my expenses and blank nerves. I immediately called customer service to protest, was told that I am correct to be angry and that it will be handled, the person who has dealt with my case spoken to etc. only to call back again one week later to be told that actually nothing has happened. Again, I was transferred several times between departments, received contradicting advise, was told that the case needs to be closed for me to be reimbursed and that the dispute department will call me…... I guess I do not need to mention that nobody called and that I had to again call, wait on the line and have people advising me nonsense without any legal sense of handling the situation. When asked why a buyer, making unfounded claims, get actually being protected while the seller is stuck with accusations etc. I received the most uneducated answers I have heard in my life (this is the most polite way to describe the quality of the people in their calling centres).

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