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Georgina's complaint against GoGroopie

Georgina Dingle


Never received my item and now they are faffing around and won't give me my money back.

Complaint against GoGroopie

The whole issue with the non delivery was because of a mistake. I put my old address thinking that it would be forwarded by Royal Mail, which all my other post is doing, which is happening on my behalf. I didn't realise they used a courier so after trying to deliver it twice it got sent back. When I then questioned where my package was, I was told what had happened and told them the new address to send it too and that I was willing to pay for re delivery as it was my mistake. I was then told that no one knew where it was. The courier had sent it back to the merchant, but the merchant didn't have it and said returns never went back to them. Countless phone calls and emails later I asked for a refund as Christmas had been and gone and I had no use for the item anymore. I had bought another one somewhere else. The lady I spoke to said she would offer me a refund. Again when I questioned that no money had gone into my account, I was told that the refund had never been issued. Again I had to call to sort it out and was told that I would receive my refund between 7-14 days. I then got an email saying my order was waiting for me at the post office, which is rubbish as I never had any notification that I had anything waiting for me and anyway how would I prove it? Now they tell me that the merchant needs proof of address? Why? And which address? The one that they first had? Or the second? I also get a different person replying to my emails every time. It is ridiculous.

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