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Sharon's complaint against JustFab

Sharon Woodward


Scammers and greedy

Complaint against JustFab

I was tempted by their online ad to purchase a pair of shoes for £5. And to this I was to click this link. Nowhere did it give me the option to not become a VIP member and purchase the shoes at a higher price. I didn't get notice that the contract would cost £35 a month and you had a very tiny window to skip a month to stop the charge. Now these hateful shoes I only wore once have cost me over £100 and I have had trouble calling them up to cancel and get them out of my life. This very short window you have, if it falls when you are away, ill or have other vital matters you will miss the skip and the get charged £35. Last month they charged me £35 on 7th June, another on 24th June and due to the fact I was away I got another now today 8th July. These guys are scammers and maybe they have changed the way they advertise now, but when they caught me in their vile trap there was no saying of the charge until right at the end once you had signed up. Like I said, its impossible to cancel, their phone is always busy and you get put on hold forever then get cut off. And if you do get through they struggle to speak English. I will have to get my bank to maybe stop them charging my card or be inconvenienced and get it cancelled....Avoid these scammers at all costs...

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