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Elaine 's complaint against JustFab

Elaine Hislop


Unauthorised Payments

Complaint against JustFab

Just Fab over the course of 41/2 years taken £1855 from my PayPal account! I discovered this by default on the 19th April 2018 while checking another payment. I was and am horrified that a company I had never heard of or used could do this! I contacted PayPal who explained all about this company and their VIP account! PayPal cancelled any further payments etc but could not do any more I had to phone Just Fab! Between phone calls and emails I have continually been batted back and forth. They cannot pull up an account under my name, address or email....nothing! I have given them my PayPal statement with billing ID all the information required to identify the account where the money has been taken from. They are still saying they cannot find anything?! I suffer from ill health and have done so for a number of years. Due to this I lapsed and wasn’t going through my PayPal statement item by item hence why I missed these payments coming out! As an elderly person it is just not a site I would buy from as such I have asked they investigate where the initial purchase was delivered to because it wasn’t to my address! They have said twice the information would be passed on and someone would phone me....two weeks have passed....no call! I have sent an email to the CEO in the states but don’t expect anything to come from there. However I will battle on not only for the money but on principal it’s wrong they have no proper procedures for dealing with these issues....wonder why?! Sorry for the long spiel but I’m trying anything and everything to find a name or telephone number not of someone in the Philippines who is employed to deflect but someone who can actually do something to resolve this!

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