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Carolyn's complaint against Fabletics

Carolyn Smith



Complaint against Fabletics

When you phone them they will tell you that you can't have a refund as you have bought a fabletics credit! This is apparently a new way to run a website. Never heard anything so crazy in my life. They say they are unable to refund you which is nonsense as they take the payment via Paypal. Stand your ground and ask to speak to a manager and you will get your refund within 24 hours. If you tweet them, they will review the tweet and it is guaranteed that these will not be posted. Kate Hudson should be ashamed!

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Fabletics failed to resolve this complaint

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Chandni Bhatt | | VERIFIED

Reported as Spam

Chandni Bhatt | | VERIFIED

Hello, we ask that you kindly provide your Member ID so that we can assist you further. We're very sorry to hear about your experience with Fabletics and confirm that our VIP membership is very transparent throughout the entire checkout process as well as the emails we send. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Fabletics.

Carolyn Smith | | VERIFIED

http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.fabletics.com Why are there so many complaints then? This is not a way to run a website as I was advised on the phone. I run a website myself. Pathetic response. As people have mentioned, if you are shattered or bus you might not have time to read the small print. It should be opt-in not opt-out. I stand by my comments and have already prevented a good few people from shopping with you. I will continue to spread the word until this practice stops.

Carolyn Smith | | VERIFIED

HAHA, so for every reply you just copy the same reply. Hilarious. Plus your customer service advisers are awful and need some training!

Chandni Bhatt | | VERIFIED

Carolyn, I can confirm we are not copying and pasting and we'd love to assist you. Please provide your Member ID so we can locate your account. We also advise that you view our FAQs and see that we have two checkout options, VIP checkout and regular checkout. With the VIP checkout you receive a special welcome discount and the only thing we ask you to do, is view your new handpicked boutique between the 1st and the 5th of each month, either shop or hit the skip button.

Chandni Bhatt | | VERIFIED

If you fail to skip, a £44.00 credit is added to your Boutique to use against any new outfit. We send email reminders on the 1st and 4th of each month as well as announce on Twitter and Facebook. Along with your first purchase we sent you a VIP letter as well as numerous emails. We will be happy to help you further upon receiving your member ID. Thank you!

Carolyn Smith | | VERIFIED

Should be opt in not opt out. Not a good way to run a website. Not everyone reads all their emails these days. Especially as half of them are marketing emails. It's awful, I stand by this and have already turned many people away from your god awful website. I will continue to do this!
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