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Kirsty's complaint against Fabletics

Kirsty Williams


[LAPSED] Fabletics - misleading advertising, poor customer service, money making schemes

Complaint against Fabletics

I ordered a top for my sister in July, and wanted next day delivery. They didn't send a confirmation email so i didn't know if it had gone through. When i contacted them they said they don't send it until after you've received the item! Completely pointless, which left me not recieving next day delivery as i had requested and no proof that this was the case. It's important to note they have recently changed the bottom of their website after plenty of complaints, unfortunately i fell victim to the old website. They then started to take £44 out of my account each month because i had accidentally signed up to a subscription VIP membership. (It was far too easy to do it & i had no idea i had!) I argued until i was blue in the face on the phone costing me a fortune, dealing with unhelpful colleagues & eventually a lady who was very rude. They refunded one £44 but kept the other which would be a credit for me to use in the future. I tried using my credit but because they cancelled my account it wouldnt even let me put items in the basket! So i complained and they said order over the phone with us, i then complained about how much that would cost and they said email the order to us! I did that yesterday and they've told me to order online now and they've reopened my account (not what i wanted & i definitely didn't consent to this) but then when trying to order, the credit is inaccessible and it automatically defaults to your card details for payment which they have from the VIP membership! Again trying to take more money! So i complained again, having wanted to order £43 of clothing which they have said i can't do. I must spend exactly £44 or more to use my credit! There isn't anything i want that costs that and i'm certainly not giving them anymore money! So they've cancelled my account again and told me to come back when there is something for £44 that i want!!! I want to scream!!! I have gone round in circles with no one person dealing with my emails from start to finish, every time i replied a new person took over the email trail. I have also realised apart from a few outfits at £44, everything is priced at £13, £9 etc so you are unable to make exactly £44 in orders. They state you can skip a month to not be charged & this is clearly where they are making their money as people don't realise and then your £44 is kept as a difficult to use credit.

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Chandni Bhatt | | VERIFIED

Hello Kirsty, we're sorry to hear about your experience with Fabletics. We can see that the £44.00 credit has been changed to store credit to allow you purchase items under £44.00. Please contact us so we can help you place the order without reactivating the VIP membership. Best, Fabletics.
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