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Denise's complaint against Prestige Flowers

Denise maxwell


£45 bouquet that looked like a £7 bouquet

Complaint against Prestige Flowers

I have shopped from prestige on many occasions previously and given them good reviews. However this is the first time I have actually seen the flowers at the other end, and was totally unimpressed with the actual product in comparison to the picture on the website of what I was ordering. I ordered what was supposed to be a £39.99 bouquet on sale for £19.99 which I then upgraded to £25, so in effect at £45 bouquet. This would have given the correct sentiment to my friend who I ordered it for. However what I actually revived looked pitiful in comparison. The big beautiful sunflowers that were the main part of the bouquet were not there at all, not a single one, nada, zero. Neither were the berry looking things, and the purple flowers that were meant to fill out the bouquet again must have been on strike as there were so few of them there. Feel free to contact me for a picture to judge for yourself instead of just taking my word for it. I contacted them about this and was told that when certain flowers are not available they are replaced and that I should get back in touch if there was anything else they could help me with! Basically a response that accepted no fault or genuine recognition of my complaint. How about you send me the £45 bouquet that I had planned for my friend that would have made the impact I intended or give me a full refund! I have asked for a refund under there proudly displayed "100% satisfaction guarantee" which should really read something like a "60% satisfaction guarantee" because it includes so many clauses that are not covered under the guarantee, including sending out the bouquet as you see them on screen! I have asked for a refund or replacement order with the bouquet that I actually ordered. I was shortchanged by this company, and can only guess that all the other previous flowers I have ordered from them for clients friends and family have also been way below par also. The website is all singing and dancing but the actual product looks cheap, not the wow factor you plan at all.

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